Digital Marketing Training

Duration: One Months

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Course Topics

Course Features

This course is aimed at who wish to acquire skills and knowledge in developing mobile applications using the android platform. This course will provide participants with hands-on experience to enable them build mobile applications on the android platform.


Basic of Software Development

The participants will be able to :

  • Install the Java Development Kit (JDK) and set the environment variables
  • Understand Basic Java Syntax
  • Work with Java Classes and Objects
  • Install the Android Software Development Kit(SDK) and setup the development environment.
  • Setup an android virtual device
  • Design User Interfaces with various UI Controls
  • Send Emails in Android
  • Send SMS using SMS Manager
  • Make phone calls in Android


  • Java
    • Setting up the Java Environment
    • Java Syntax
    • Variables and operators
    • Decision making and loops
    • Methods
    • Exception handling
    • Object Orientation
    • Collections and Generics
    • Files and I/O
  • Android
    • Setting up the Android Environment
    • Creating Android Virtual Device(AVD)
    • Android UI Layout and Controls
    • Alert Dialogs
    • Using SMS Manager and Intents


4 hours