Mobile Apps Development Training

Duration: 1 Month

This course is aimed at who wish to acquire skills and knowledge in developing mobile applications using the android platform. This course will provide participants with hands-on experience to enable them build mobile applications on the android platform.

The participants will be able to :

  • Install the Java Development Kit (JDK) and set the environment variables
  • Understand Basic Java Syntax
  • Work with Java Classes and Objects
  • Install the Android Software Development Kit(SDK) and setup the development environment.
  • Setup an android virtual device
  • Design User Interfaces with various UI Controls
  • Send Emails in Android
  • Send SMS using SMS Manager
  • Make phone calls in Android


  • Java
    • Setting up the Java Environment
    • Java Syntax
    • Variables and operators
    • Decision making and loops
    • Methods
    • Exception handling
    • Object Orientation
    • Collections and Generics
    • Files and I/O
  • Android
    • Setting up the Android Environment
    • Creating Android Virtual Device(AVD)
    • Android UI Layout and Controls
    • Alert Dialogs
    • Using SMS Manager and Intents


4 hours