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As a design and technology company, we are passionate about design and technology. By connecting design and technology intelligently, we help brands succeed online with strategic approach to digital problem solving. We believe that the corner stones on which our successes are built are Excellence, Passion and Technology. While this is true, you cannot rule out the fact that it is people who make up the team of any successful Company. We’re no different. Joelizy Technology creative people places high emphasizes on excellence as its culture and true love for what they do. Our passionate team consist of creative designers, technology enthusiast, developers, marketers and consulting services professionals. All of them have qualifications, professional training, expertise and experience that are relevant to deliver value-added products and services at the marketplace.

Problem Solvers

Joelizy Technology team combine design and technology in solving business problems. They know the right tool for the right job. Using proven and latest web technologies in creating digital and web solutions makes our clients outstanding and stand apart in the market. We’ve had a taste of the web and we’re evolving with it. Languages, tools, and frameworks like php, mysql, html5, css3, Jquery, AngularJs, C#, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, and Yii are all in our arsenal. You are not left out when it comes to building secure enterprise company applications utilizing the high-end technologies such Oracle, MSSQL and .Net tools.


We are committed to excellence and that is reflected in our clients work as well. Our secret is in the details of designing and developing websites that truly transforms our clients and make their brands grow. We take our work serious and our clients share in this view. Whether it’s a new website or redesigning an existing one, do not hesitate to contact the premier choice web design company for your online success, we would be glad if you make it to the list of companies that we serve.

Hard Work

We’ve earned the reputation for doing hard work for companies across multiple industries around the globe. Currently based in Ghana Accra, Joelizy Technology Company. have had the priviledge of building websites, designing logos and brand identity for award-winning clients across the globe, in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and in the West Africa. When it comes to website design companies in ghana, Joelizy Technology is a force to recon with as established as an industry leader.